If "The Walking Dead" Negan beating of Glenn Rhee and Abraham Ford left you queasy, perhaps you need a cuter version to digest. YouTube video creator Kristo499 has done the unthinkable and brought a charming cuteness to the bloodiest scene in TWD history by recreating it shot by shot with LEGO figures. See the full video below.

LEGO video plusTWD audio is amazing

If you're a fan of both "The Walking Dead" and LEGO blocks, this video is for you. Or if you're like many fans that found the brutal beating too much to handle, you've got a SFW alternative that won't have you wishing you didn't have spaghetti before you watched the "The Walking Dead" Season 7 premiere.

Kudos to Kristo499 for this achievement who noted "this video took me forever to make!" No doubt. But the hard work was worth it because it is stunningly accurate. If you turned your kids heads away from the show, this is one you can let the younger "TWD" fans watch without worry they'll be traumatized for life. Negan rocks even as a LEGO bad guy.

LEGO renderings of most horrific TV and movie scenes

This isn't Kristo499's first foray into making something violent into something cute and viral-ready.

If you browse the channel, you'll also see LEGO versions of "The Walking Dead" brutal deaths of Jessie and her two kids plus Noah's horrific revolving door bloody end.

If you want to explore the world of LEGO reenactments beyond TWD, Kristo499 also did the "Breaking Bad" death of villain Gus, the zoo shooting of Harambe the gorilla, plus "The Revenant" with LEGO Leo fighting the bear. That last is a great improvement for those that found the move violently unwatchable.

The YouTube channel also has some great LEGO versions of trailers for TV and movies including "Better Call Saul" plus "Jurassic World" and "Maze Runner" all the way to a shot-by-shot recreation of the trailer of "The Planet of the Apes." Hard work like this should be lauded. Kristo's early work was a bit more amateur like, but you can see the evolution of skill isimpressive.

"The Walking Dead" airs Sundays on AMC.

Kristo499's channel can be watched 24/7 on YouTube.

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