For a TV Shows addict, on this autumn`s radar, `The Walking Dead` drama was a must see as the show returned with its 7th season. Last week, the show made his first step with the opening episode. For the most part, those waiting months paid off as the unfolding events drew in quite a debate.

With a charismatic new antagonist in Negan who possesses a small army of unscrupulous men, Rick Grimes` group saw his plans almost go extinct.

In order to give a statement of his tremendous power, Negan chose to kill some of Rick`s friends. it was Abraham and then Glenn, both being killed by Negan`s wrapped with barbed wire club.

Glenn`s brutal end 

Glenn suffered a brutal end with one of his eyeballs being taken out of its orbit due to severe trauma caused by Negan. Acting as an Asian archetype, during the first 6 seasons, Glenn garnered himself a huge fan base.

One of the greatest things about `The Walking Dead` has been the way characters evolved along the way. In a post-apocalyptic world, each one of them suffered extensive trauma forcing them to adapt to this new climate of fear and death. Glenn`s path was a complex one, as the lonely Asian he had to adjust his behavior to a new format. His relationship with Maggie also held a pivotal place in the show. Maggie`s pregnancy also put an extra pressure on Glenn`s shoulder as he witnessed Rick`s experience as a new father in that type of world order.

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Glenn dying works as a proper marketing tool

Besides all that drama, Glenn being brutally killed enhanced the attractiveness of the show. If a curious person plays only the first episode of season 7 that person will crave for more scenes like that one to learn more about the topic.

There is no secret that a TV Show needs an audience in order to exist. No matter how good or complex a show is, if the rating numbers are below the profitability bar, it might be canceled.

And that`s another strong point when it comes to this particular show as its producers found out a way to keep a loyal audience for so long.

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