Are you done with your first therapy session yet? Fans of AMC's hit original series, "The Walking Dead"are still reeling from the gruesome deaths of Glenn, played by Steven Yeun and Abraham, played byMichael Cudlitz. Many wondered if the show went too far in the manner in which the characters were killed off. Audiences were used to bloody scenes, but this, this was horrendous. But there is light at the end of the tunnel..for now. Show director, Greg Nicotero, says Rick, Maggie and fans get a breather in Season 7 episode 2.

According to Entertainment Weekly, he says the episode is "the exact opposite" of the season premiere. Audiences will be introduced to a new community, the Kingdom.King Ezekiel isdescribed as eccentric and isthe head honcho of the community, along with his pet tiger.

“It’s a place of life, a place where people seem to have figured it out and have been working together to build a thriving and vibrant community very, very different from anything our group has come upon in the past," says Nicotero in an interview withEW.

Oh great, haven't we heard that before. What can possibly go wrong?

Two characters from 'The Walking Dead' will be walking into the light in episode 2

While Rick, Maggie and the rest of "The Walking Dead"gang are diligently following orders from Negan and his best pal Lucille, Carol and Morgan will be entering the Kingdom. The new community is filled with people with a positive outlook on life. Kind of reminiscent of Alexandria and Woodbury, huh?

'The Walking Dead' season 7 premiere shatters ratings

The season 7premiere was one for the books. The premiere brought in 20.8 million viewers to find out who Negan turned into ground beef. The ratings were up 7 percent from season 6. Of the 20 plus million viewers,13.2 million were in the 18-49 demographic. The premiere scored better against NFL games in that demographic. "The Walking Dead"now reigns as the top Tweeted show of the year.

How you can watch 'The Walking Dead'?

Audiences can catch the hit show Sundays on AMC at 9 p.m. ET. Still haven't joined in on the hype? The first six seasons of "The Walking Dead"are on Netflix. Happy binge watching!

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