The Walking Dead is back. The season premiere was such a dramatic and violent episode. We lost two main characters. Negan is a game-changing protagonistand season 7 started literally with a a crazy violent bang. Jeffrey Dean Morgan is impressive in this role. Let's recap the season premiere and have a look at what's coming next.

TWD 7x01: The Day Will Come When You Won't Be - Recap

There are no words to describe the season premiere. It was truly insane. The Day Will Come When You Won't Bepicked upwhere we left off. Betweenflashbacks and present moments, we discoverwho isNegan's victim: he decides to kill Abraham.

With his terrible Lucille, he hits him in the skull. Abraham's last powerful words are: "Suck my nuts". Still not satisfied, Negan wants to kill another member of the walkers, and Glenn is the one who leaves us. I loveSteven Yeun andGlenn,and this death was so sad and disturbing. He is only able to say some words to his wife Maggie: "I will find you, Maggie", and he is dead. Rick's situation is even worse: he tries to react but he is almost forced to cut Carl's arm.

'The Walking Dead' Spoilers

The first look at tonight episode looks bleak and heartbreaking. Rick Grimes is forced to tell the group: "Let me put this to all of you as clearly as I can, I am not in charge anymore, Negan is". Will this situation last?Wehave some spoilers from the Kirkman's comincs.

Maggie will playa major role: she won't accept this new status quo and she will be the leader of "All Out War". She won't be a Negan's follower, obviously her loss won't be easily forgotten. Robert Kirkman declared that Glenn's death was inevitable: he needed to die in order to create various juicy new storylines, so the Maggie's rebellion seems likely possible.

There is just one possible con: she is pregnant and that could create some inevitable impediments and dangers for her.If you have a look at the preview, it seems likely thatin the next episode we will find out more aboutCarol and Darylsituations.

TWD 7x02 Promo

You can find "The Walking Dead" 7x02 promo below:

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