The Voice” spoilers this week show artists headinginto the Knockout Round with Tim McGraw and Faith Hill mentoring the artists as they make all-important song choices that could see them advance to the Lives or go down in flames. Also, a big change for ‘The Voice’ coaches was announced this week.

Coaches announced for 'The Voice' season 12

Let’s hope Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani are still hot and heavy come Spring 2017 because the mother of all ska is back in her coach’s chair for Season 12 replacing Miley Cyrus. But if you love Miley’s wild ways this season, don’t fret, she’s back in Season 13 for Fall 2017.

Miley seemed like she might be too much of a special unicorn to serve as a solid coach when she was announced for “The Voice” Season 11, but she surprised everyone with her savvy tips, practical advice, and bringing in amazing mentor Joan Jett to work with her artists.

#TeamAdam is a long shot for victory

In seasons past, you could get a feel for who had a solid chance at winning it like Season 10 with Christina Aguilera and Alisan Porter. This season, it feels like Miley or Alicia will walk away the champ unless Adam or Blake make a momentous steal.Adam Levine’s Season 11 herd has a chance with quirky Brendan Fletcher who has a unique voice and raw talent. He evokes memories of Sawyer Frederickson who awkwardly warbled his way to a win under coach Pharell Williams.

#TeamBlake is more diverse thanever

Blake usually builds a team of solid country artists with a few outliers here and there when he can talk someone else into giving him a try who’s outside of his core genre. This year more than ever, Blake has an inventory of eclectic artists, but he may not walk away a winner despite his track record.

The top two that stand out from Blake’s team are Sundance Head, the gentle giant with a voice that you’d never get tired of hearing and Courtney Harrell the singer songwriter who took a gamble on Blake over Alicia. Sundance would be a great choice as winner if he can entice younger voters.

#TeamAlicia could takea rookie win

Alicia Keys is a touchy feely sort of gal who definitely evokes the spirit of Pharrell Williams with her very personal conversations and affirmations with artists to lure them to choose her as their coach. It’s not often in Season 11 she’s lost an artist that she wooed.

Wé McDonald could take Alicia to a rookie win with her big deep singing voice that emanates from a squeakily adorable teen. Even if she doesn’t win it, it seems a shoo in that Wé McDonald and Alicia will be around for the finals. She’s a lock to draw younger voters and her talent is shocking.

#TeamMiley should skip her way to finals

Miley Cyrus may be Alicia Keys’ toughest competition for a Season 11 coach win and rookie victory crowing rights.

She has been extremely savvy in her artist choices gathering a flock of special butterflies with her blend of random acts of kindness peppered with solid advice from a singing veteran.

Miley has been through the gamut and knows her stuff even though she’s the youngest coach in a red chair. She’s got two powerhouses that should carry her all the way to the end past veterans Blake and Adam – Ali Caldwell and Sa’Rayah. Either of these ladies could win it.

“The Voice” Knockout Rounds start Monday October 24 and wrap on Monday October 31 with the Live Rounds starting Monday November 7. Faith Hill and Tim McGraw get real with the artists as Knockout mentors – see a video preview of the hot country couple from “The Voice” below.

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