Adam Levine saved the day for the daughter of"Full House" star Candace Cameron when he turned his chair around, giving her the chance to join his team. Levine told 18-year-old Natasha that she would have had the other judges vying to get her on their team if she didn't become riddled with nerves once he turned his chair around causing her performance to tank just a bit.

While all eyes were on Natasha, who sang a haunting rendition of Elvis Presley's "Can't Help Falling in Love," folks took the time to glance over at the teen's famous mom backstage on "The Voice." It was easy to see that the apple did not fall far from the tree with this mom and daughter.

Candice, who is now a very grown-up DJ Tanner, was a bit of a nervous Nelly herself.

Mom and daughter running on nerves!

While Natasha sang her song, Candace cheered her daughter on with the rest of the family backstage. The noise got even louder coming from Candace when Levine hit his red button and spun around to face the voice he felt was right for his team.

The former child star and modern-day talk show host from "The View" yelled "Shut up!" as Levine first eyed his newest team member.

Performance goes south once Levine turns around

It was apparent that Natasha's performance went south as soon as she realized a judge turned around. Levine was the sole taker for Natasha's talent, but as he said if she hadn't let her nerves get the best of her and continued on the way she started, she would have had other team options.

Natasha won Adam over with her talent, as she managed to touch the Maroon 5' frontman.Adam is sure he will have her nerve-free and at the top of her game as they work together.

The perks of having a famous mom!

USA Today reports how Miley Cyrus gave Natasha a piece of advice, telling the teen that she didn't "have to prove yourself in one song." Levine promised to put Natasha through a "boot camp" for nerves so he could get her to calm down and let her talent take over!

Natasha has a celeb for a mom and along with that notability comes some perks like a video from John Stamos and Bob Saget wishing Natasha good luck with her "The Voice" audition. You can see that video below:

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