The next season of "The Voice" will say good-bye to Miley Cyrus and hello to Gwen Stefani, who will return to her twirling chair alongside the love of her life! Was the writing on the wall for Miley's departure?

Many thought Miley wouldn't make it through one season after it was rumored she continuously clashed with Adam Levine. Miley is departing the show and she won't be back for season 12. But they do have her coming back in a year from now for season 13, so what's going on with that?


Here today and gone tomorrow?

Yes, that's right... Miley is already set for season 13, but  will skip season 12 when Gwen returns to "The Voice." So why all the musical chairs? No one is revealing why Miley is being pulled off for season 12 and coming back in season 13.

Musical chairs for the judges.

According to E Online, season 12 will start in February of 2017, which is when Gwen returns. Season 13 will kick off about a year from now, in the fall of 2017. It is amazing how "The Voice" has its judges set a year into the future, as a lot can happen between now and then.


Gwen and Blake together again!

Next season Blake Shelton, Adam Levine, Alicia Keys and Gwen will pool their talents to bring the nation some of the most unique voices to ever be heard on television. Putting Blake and Gwen together on the show is an extra draw for fans as they started their relationship by meeting on "The Voice." 

What's up with Miley disappearing for one season?

Rumor has it their relationship started slow, but has since turned into a whirlwind with marriage and babies their latest theme for the near future.

Is Miley taking a hiatus from "The Voice" due to prior commitments or was she purposely plucked from the judges lineup due to the rumored friction between her and the men on the show?

On air she would seemingly clash with Adam, but it was always presented in a joking manner. Miley was not wanted on "The Voice" by many of the fans of the show when it was first announced she'd be taking one of the vacated seats this season.

She grew on them!

As time went by, she seemed to grow on some of the fans who once were outraged to see her join the judges' panel.

She is definitely a girl who marches to the beat of her own drum, but that added a little bit of variety to the show this season. While some will be sorry to see Miley go, there are plenty more who will be happy to see Gwen return for  season 12 of "The Voice."

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