"Twerking" the Clinton campaign trail, "The Voice" coach Miley Cyrus took a break from her day job to visit some lucky George Mason University students to hit them up for votes. Cyrus really "came in like a wrecking ball" for Hillary Clinton. College students holed up in dorm rooms hoping for a knock on the door and a chat with the moonlighting Miley. The former Bernie Sanders supporter sided with countless other celebrities in support of the Democratic presidential hopeful and against GOP frontman Donald Trump.

'The Voice' coach voices support for Hillary

Miley Cyrus championed Bernie Sanders because he championedLGBT. She actually held Sanders up as a role model for contestants she coached on "The Voice" advising them not to worry about the masses but just be memorable. So Miley was late to arrive at the Clinton party, but she made it. Coming from Bernie Sanders' camp was a matter of necessity for Cyrus after her candidate of choice failed to land the nomination. But Hillary is definitely the lesser of two evils in the Democrat pop star's mind.

Miley has taken a wrecking ball to Donald Trump on Twitter, referring to him as an "f--king nightmare."

Will twerk for votes

Lots of celebs work but only one twerks for Hillary Clinton. Oprah, who has been quiet about this election finally voiced her support saying that voters don't need to like former First Lady Clinton to vote for her. Katy Perry is voting Clinton and so is Khloe Kardashian, especially after word got out that Donald Trump called her a "fat piglet" and the ugly Kardashian sister.

Miley's signature crotch thrust dance--twerking--was in great demand with students. It's that kind of sassy pants that Virginia GMU students ate up. They loved that the "Party in the USA" singer got cozy in their dorm rooms, sharing selfies and hanging out.

Not your average canvasser, but then...

This is Miley Cyrus after all. The "Fly on the Wall" singer is nothing if not bombastic. So what did she wear to make get out to vote calls?

This was a college, so naturally pajama pants, with sliver platforms, a fuzzy pink hat poof and blue bow in place of a blouse or bra. Hey, don't judge, at least she was dressed! Many of the students were Hannah Montana fans as kids. Whether they said they were voting for Clinton to please Miley or not, most agreed they would.

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