Being a celebrity means that you are always in the public eye. "The Voice" coach Adam Levine has also learned that it means being the victim of malicious defamation of character. An anonymous caller told LAPD that the Maroon 5 singer had punched his one-month-old baby in the face and was abusive to his wife. Of course, it led to a police investigation to find out just what was going on in the Levine home. What did the police find out? That it was all completely bogus.

No visible signs of injury to the baby

When the police made a call to the Levine household, they found that the claims were definitely bogus. There were no signs of injury to the newborn girl, and Levine's wife Behati Prinsloo made it very clear that she was not a victim of domestic violence. They are in a very loving relationship, and are completely smitten with their new baby.

Despite knowing that all the claims were false, Levine cooperated with the police and was thankful that the investigation was carried out.

Of course, he was also grateful that the police found that he was in fact innocent and there was no evidence of the claims being true. Friends and family members of the Levine family are angry that being in the public eye means the people make these type of accusations.

'The Voice' full of rumors of heated arguments

Unfortunately for Levine, his home life has not only been in the public eye. His time on "The Voice" 2016 has also been in the public eye a lot due to the episodes airing.

Right now, there are rumors of heated arguments behind the scenes between him and fellow coach Miley Cyrus.

Levine and Cyrus do not get along. According to some reports, Cyrus' personality annoys Levine. She has also been upstaging the Maroon 5 singer and fellow original coach Blake Shelton due to her strong personality. But then again, Alicia Keys has been fiery in the seats, but there are no arguments with her.

It is possible that Keys' age and experience help with managing the banter between the coaches. The arguments behind scenes are so bad that Cyrus reportedly cries a lot and is not going to do "The Voice" 2017.

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