"The Voice" finished up their blind auditions last night, with Alicia Keys being the first out of the four judges to fill their team with prospective hopefuls. Although she was happy to complete her team, another voice came along that Alicia would have picked if her team wasn't full! That is what the judges are afraid of, filling their team and then that one in a million voice comes along and that happened last night.

Blaine Young, who is a singer and song writer, blew all the judges away and if Alicia hadn't filled her team, she would be vying to get him on board.

Alicia tells thecontestant this as the other judges attempt to entice Young over to their team. Young ultimately picked Blake Shelton, making his team complete for the "The Voice" competition!

Last pick sacred

Miley Cyrus passed on three singers in a row last night, holding on tight to that last space on her team for that special voice to come along, suggests The Hollywood Reporter. She called her team the "young fun team" and she waited and waited to pick a singer for that last spot. Finally it was Josdtte Diaz, the 17-year-old who was the wow factor for the "Wrecking Ball" singer and she closed Miley's team out as the last pick.

Waiting to be wowed

Adam Levine was adamant that he was careful not to pick just anyone for his last pick of the season. Ponciano Seoane wasn't just anyone and ultimately he became the Maroon 5 singer's final pick. Now all four teams are complete and the competition begins!

Last night's "The Voice" wasn't without some cordial arguments between the judges and although Miley and Levine seem to knock heads, they were able to smile through it.

Miley seems to be the popular coach this season when she added herself to the mix by turning her chair around. Levine mocked this a few times, but it seemed as if it was all done in fun.

Under their wings

With Miley and Alicia newbies on the show this season, it was interesting to see how Blake and Levine interacted with the two ladies. It was almost as if they were giving them a little wiggle room while taking them under their belt to show these two the ropes of "The Voice."

Alicia seemed an easy fit for Blake and Levine, as she rolled along with the flow, but with Miley there was some friction.

Keys seemed to respect the fact that both Blake and Adam had done this show a few times over, but Miley's attitude wasn't as respectful.

Respect for the show veterans

Not that Miley was disrespectful, it was just that she didn't seem to look to Levine and Blake for any guidance the way Keys did. Miley admitted at one point that Levine is always trying to get her to shut-up and she was stunned at one point when he asked her to "talk." She jokingly said that this was a switch for the "Maroon 5" singer.

Blake does seem to get a kick out of Miley's antics and Levine seems to have a hard time getting Miley to stop talking at times.

Overall "The Voice" four judges complement each other making it a good fit this season.

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