"The Voice" 2016 continued Oct. 25 on NBC as six more aspiring vocalists coached by Blake Shelton, Adam Levine, and Alicia Keys took part in night two of the season 11 Knockouts. By the time the curtains fell on the hour-long episode, four more hopefuls had advanced safely to the top 20. Here's a look at who advanced, how their covers ranked on the iTunes chart, and who's made the live shows thus far.

'The Voice' Knockouts: Night 2

Courtney Harrell took out Bindi Liebowitz during the night's first Knockout battle to become Team Blake's third live show-bound contestant.

Ostensible "The Voice" 2016 frontrunner and former child country music star Billy Gilman followed Harrell to the top 20 by dispensing with fellow Team Adam hopeful Ponciano Seoane during battle number two. The third and final showdown proved a bit more interesting. Although Keys called Christian Cuevas the winner, Miley Cyruswas quick to addbattle loser Belle Jewel to her team using her sole Knockout round steal.

iTunes results for 'The Voice' 2016 Knockouts

Although iTunes downloads don't help the contestants until the live shows begin, a quick glance at the chart can reveal who may wind up on top during the weeks to come.

The night two results as of 10 AM Pacific the day after the show are as follows:

  • 42. Billy Gilman, "Fight Song"
  • 81. Christian Cuevas, "Superstar"
  • 144. Belle Jewel, "Don't Dream it's Over"
  • 166. Courtney Harrell, "River Deep Mountain High"

The top 20 to date

With two nights of Knockout round action in the books, 12 contestants have stamped their tickets to the top 20. Team Blake features Sundance Head, Jason Warrior, and Courtney Harrell; Team Alicia includes Kylie Rothfield, We McDonald, and Christian Cuevas; Team Miley consists of Ali Caldwell and Belle Jewel; and Team Adam features Josh Gallagher, Simone Gundy, Riley Elmore, and Billy Gilman.Eight more singers will earn berths in the live playoffs next Monday night when "The Voice" 2016 Knockouts conclude.

Who will in their face-offs? Who will earn Alicia Keys' final steal? Watch and find out.

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