"The Simpsons" has never been shyabout exploring current or controversial topics, and on this episode, a highly debated issue formed the backbone of the plot line. Homer gets extremely aggravated after getting into an altercation with some Boston football fans at Moe’s, and on this rare occasion, he doesn’t drink away his troubles, but instead carries them back home.

When he is busy complaining to Marge about the cheating nature of Boston football fans, he realizes that Bart is now a fan of the Boston Americans football team, which is why he decides to take the entire family to Boston on a hate-cation to prove exactly how terrible the city is.

Hating on Boston

The family arrives in the big city and uses a book called "Let’s hate: Boston" in order to figure out some not-so-fun activities to indulge in. While Homer is intent on proving that the city is horrible, Bart and the rest of the family tries to make the best of the situation. Homer injures himself trying to agitate the people in the city, but much to the surprise of the entire family, nearly everyone in the immediate vicinity is a doctor and they help Homer recover almost immediately.

Marge, Lisa and Bart start to look at Boston entirely differently from that point on, and they begin to notice what a wonderful city it really is. Lisa gets ecstatic when she finds nearly every type of nerd in the world co-existing peacefully, a sight she never imagined she would ever see. The big change occurs when Bart makes homer play Candlepin Bowling, a version of Bowling that Homer is completely unaware of.

He is first highly reluctant to enjoy the sport, but he ends up becoming a big fan when he realizes that the game allows him a third turn to knock down all the pins – a huge game changer in his eyes.

Moving to Boston

After spending a few days in Boston, the family ends up enjoying themselves so much, that they actually decide to move out of Springfield and live in Boston. Things are going great for the Simpsons for once, and everyone seems to be enjoying their life in the new city, especially Lisa, who completely fits into the culturally rich environment.

Things start to take a turn when Bart, who was the first big fan of the city, realizes that he is actually out of place in a city like Boston that is far too gentle and sophisticated for his troublesome personality. He tries to convince the family to move back to Springfield, but everyone is enjoying themselves too much to make the change for Bart’s sake. Lisa even threatens her elder brother by pointing out that she has been miserable and out-of-place in Springfield all her life, and now its Bart’s turn to feel that way.

You can count on Homer

Knowing Bart, you would know that he would not take this situation lying down.

He convinces the family to visit a parade happening in Boston, one that is being organized in honor of the Boston Americans. Bart knows full-well that even though Homer loves Boston now, his loyalty towards his home team -- The Springfield Atoms is bound to get the best of him.

Surely enough, Homer refuses to wear the Boston Americans cap during the parade and ends up insulting the entire city in the process. The family is forced to move back to Springfield, and we see a troubled Lisa hallucinating that she is still in Boston, spending time among some well-educated individuals.

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