There is no doubt that "The Simpsons" is by far the most iconic Animated show of all-time, and is right up there with the best that television has ever produced. Now in its 27th season, the show has crossed a monumental landmark of broadcasting 600 episodes, and this seems like a good junction to discuss the past, present and future of the show.

Longest running animated series

It is fair to say that simply lasting 27 seasons, and counting, is an accomplishment that no one can ever take lightly. A duration this long is almost unheard of in the entertainment realm, with shows struggling to make past a pilot on most networks these days.

During this period, ‘The Simpsons’ has managed to create a truly detailed and dynamic world that is filled with hundreds of characters who are almost as well known as the lead family themselves.

The show has existed since the era television was referred to as the ‘idiot box’, and has survived long enough to contribute to the ‘golden era of television’. During its epic journey, it has inspired countless other quality shows with its satire, humor and self-awareness, and this is a truth that isn’t lost on modern day television greats. The genre of animation itself is no longer considered a medium just for children, and is now being used as a playground to execute complex plot lines that could never be achieved in live-action television (consider ‘The Venture Bros’ and ‘The Adventures of Rick and Morty’).

There is no doubt that ‘The Simpsons’ has traveled well beyond being just a television show, it is a force that has shaped the nature of pop culture as we know it.

The revival seasons

A lot of purists consider season 9 to be the last great year for ‘The Simpsons’, but being a massive fan, I would like to think that the show has been above-average in terms of general television standards until season 17.

Sadly, the humor almost flat lined after that point, and the scenarios became extremely repetitive, almost as if the show was on its last leg. There was a lot of talk about the show getting canceled, and fans were insisting that the creators focus on making movies instead of continuing with the show.

Luckily for us all, the creators decided to stick to their instincts and persist with what they knew best. It took them a good 9 years to reinvent themselves, but I truly believe that the show is back to being considered ‘high-quality entertainment’ since Season 26. This happened because the show, despite popular opinion, has always been extremely dark and morbid, and the content has gone back to relying on these under-rated themes yet again. Lisa, the depressed middle-child, is back to anguishing yet again, Bart – the troubled one, is now fully aware of his unfortunate future, and Maggie – the unpredictable one, is now more of a maverick than ever. The dysfunctional relationship between Homer and Marge is being fully explored in this re-invigorated era of the show, and some episodes have really not shied away from pulling some twisted punches.

It’s great to see the show embrace its true roots and entertain an audience that isn’t afraid of seeing the bare, ugly truth.

The immortal Simpsons

There is really no reason for ‘The Simpsons’ to ever come to an end, not unless the world stops moving and life as we know it stagnates entirely. They have always been a mirror to society’s ideals, and they will probably continue to do that until we become perfect and boring. The show has history and technology on its side, with a wide audience that is still as loyal as ever. I say keep em’ coming, I can never get tired of the residents of Springfield.

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