"The Real" returned to television several weeks ago. The daytime talk show is in Season 3 on Fox. Even though the talk show has been renewed to air through 2018, there is a rumor that it is headed toward cancellation. People are saying because Tamar Braxton was fired from the show, it is so boring that viewership has dwindled. There were five co-hosts in the first two seasons. Braxton was not replaced after she was fired. Therefore, the show's co-hosts are only Adrienne Bailon, Loni Love, Jeannie Mai and Tamera Mowry-Housley.

Tamerarefutes rumor

Tamera responded to a fan on Instagram who posted about the possibility of her show being canceled. The former "Sister-Sister" and identical twin sister of Tia Mowry-Hardricrefuted claims that "The Real" might be canceled. She insisted there is no validity to the rumor just because Tamar is no longer a co-host. It is true that some previous fans have shared on social media that they don't watch the show any longer. However, they are in the minority. Those who decided not to watch say they miss Braxton and her feistycommentary.

They contend that the show is too boring now to watch.

Others took exception to the fact that Tamar's departure was never mentioned on the premiere show of Season 3. "The Real" had been on hiatus all summer. By the time the premiere show aired, months had passed and a lot of drama had taken place in reference to Braxton's firing. It really wasn't the co-hosts' responsibility to rehash what had happened.

After all, the network made a statement when Tamar was dismissed last May. Besides, the co-hosts were not privy to the circumstances surrounding the network's decision to dismiss Tamar.

Viewership for 'The Real'

Viewership has declined by 22 percent. That is the largest decrease in viewership of any daytime talk show in recent years. Tamar's departure might have contributed to the decline, but there could be other reasons as well.

Season 3 just started on September 12 and hasn't had enough time for an accurate assessment. Perhaps the ratings will increase once the co-hosts get used to being four instead of five. Watch "The Real" on weekdays at 11 a.m. on Fox.

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