Season 11 of "The Real Housewives of Orange County" hasn't wrapped just yet, but there's already news about season 12 of the show. One of the cast members currently on "RHOC" won't be back next season.

Who's leaving 'The Real Housewives of Orange County'?

All About the Tea reports that Meghan King Edmonds won't be coming back for season 12 of the show. A source close to production tells the website that she moved back to St. Louis and doesn't plan on returning to "RHOC." The insider didn't offer anymore information than that -- or why she relocated. It could have something to do with her husband's career.

He works as a Fox Sports Midwest broadcaster and once played Major League Baseball with the St. Louis Cardinals.

King Edmonds is expecting a baby daughter and is due in November. Her main storyline on "RHOC" has been all about her IVF process and her pregnancy. She hasn't delivered a compelling storyline on the show, but has supported other storylines. For instance, she's been a shoulder for Kelly to lean on when fights with the other women got out of hand. Meghan didn't shy away from telling Kelly she was wrong on numerous times for her outrageous behavior.

Star prepares to be mom

Meghan's ongoing storyline in season 11 of "RHOC" was dealing with her husband's seeming indifference to the idea of having another baby.

He's already father to four other children from previous relationships. His commitment to Meghan was questioned by viewers since he was absent for many of her doctor appointments preparing for the IVF process. As the season moved on, he was more present and things seem on solid ground with the couple.

She recently told E! News that Jim dotes on her a lot and is usually very attentive. Whatever seemed to be wrong with them on the show, is apparently a non-issue. The two look forward to welcoming their new daughter very soon.

Are you shocked to hear that Meghan King Edmonds is leaving "The Real Housewives of Orange County" and won't be on the show in season 12?

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