Two stars of "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" have leaked more spoilers for season 7. Every year the cast and crew head somewhere exotic to film the show and the upcoming season is no different.

'RHOBH' cast members just returned from Hong Kong

So far the cast has gone to Mexico and possibly Greece -- where Kyle Richards and Erika Jayne were photographed together. According to photos posted by Lisa Rinna and Eden Sassoon on their Instagram accounts, recent filming for the show took place in Hong Kong.

Lisa and Eden had photos of a big Buddha and other scenery from the beautiful city. Both of the women have just returned and mentioned in their posts that they're recovering from jet-lag after flying 22 hours. Sassoon was back doing her pilates routine on Saturday morning.

The rest of "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" cast hasn't mentioned Hong Kong or posted any photos of the city, but production frequents international countries. Rinna and Sassoon are becoming good friends and have a lot in common with their lines of business in beauty.

These two might be a good team in the upcoming season.

In other spoilers for the show, its been revealed that Kim Richards will appear on the show as a "friend." As a previous report informed "RHOBH' fans, Bravo will recycle Kim's storyline one more time in season 7. The crux of her presence will be about the other cast members questioning her sobriety. It's an age-old theme for Kim.

Its also been revealed that one of the newest cast members doesn't particularly like Kim.

Would that be Eden Sassoon or Dorit Kemsely? There's just so much yet to learn about this cast and how the dynamics will fall into place. Yolanda Hadid won't be on the show after appearing for three seasons and will be replaced by Eden and Dorit.

Other 'RHOBH' spoilers

Lisa Vanderpump said in a recent interview with Adweek that she's happy to have Dorit on the show because she has back up in case she's singled out again.

When she signed her contract a few months ago, she told the producers that she was tired of being attacked by the other women. After some lengthy discussions, she changed her mind. As she put it, one of the producers gave her a kiss and told her she wouldn't regret it. That may have been a minor spoiler that storylines will ease up on trying to make Vanderpump the "villain."

"The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" season 7 premieres in late fall on Bravo.

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