Lisa Vanderpump is perhaps the most recognizable star of "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills." She rocks as a businesswoman and establishing brand identity.

There was growing concern over the summer that the 56-year-old British star might not agree to appear on the seventh season of "RHOBH." Fortunately for fans -- and Bravo -- she signed the contract. It was a close call, however. She admits she almost got out because she was tired of the attacks coming from the other women.

Lisa Vanderpump has been played by the producers.

In Lisa's interview with Adweek, she shared some insight on her future with "RHOBH" and how she never thought she'd be on the show at this point in the game.

The show has tried to make her a villain, but it never stuck. Lisa said unless you do something irredeemable, nobody can pull off the villain role. She also said the show can edit scenes however they want. She said the good thing is if someone is over-the-top crazy, it's aired and the audience can see for themselves the truth in the end.

Lisa Vanderpump shared that whenever a new person enters the mix on "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills," it can be unpredictable. She also stated thatthis season will be nice because she has a good friend joining the show -- Dorit Kemsley -- and she won't be alone in case she's singled out!

When will she leave the show?

Lisa has been on "RHOBH" since season one.

The show hasactually helped her brand and business ventures. She continued that she wouldn't have the enormous platform she does now to stand up for causes important to her, such as LGBT rights and the taking measures to stop the Yulin dog meat festival in China. It hasn't been about the money for her, but about whether she could go through another season of being picked on by the other women.

When she agreed to do season 7 of "RHOBH," she said the show producerkissed her and told her she wouldn't regret it. The British restauranteur plans to stay on at least for now and shows no signs of exiting the show.

While Lisa Vanderpump doesn't specifically state when she'll leave the show, she has future plans to be more involved in producing and has some scripting ideas.

She'd also like come up with a Vanderpump lifestyle brand that's about all things beautiful in life.

"The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" season 7 premieres late fall on Bravo.

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