One of the feuds fans will see on "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" in season 7 is already getting out of control. A source revealed that Kyle Richards and new cast member, Eden Sassoon, aren't hitting it off too well. There have been a few times that Kyle has hinted things are a little rough during filming when asked how things are going.

Kyle Richards hates Eden Sassoon?

A source tells Radaronline that Kyle can't stand Eden. The two women were working together on a photo shoot for Cozi TV in Hollywood and Kyle was heard saying she hates the new girl on "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" and that she finds her annoying.

Richards thinks it's "pathetic" that Sassoon acts like she's a longtime star of the show when she just started out. Kyle was so aggravated by Eden at the photo shoot, that the source said she was biting her nails and complaining the whole time.

Kyle Richards said in an interview with Access Hollywood recently that Eden Sassoon will be cast as a "friend" in season 7. She added that she didn't think she was Eden's "favorite" person. She didn't offer any details since that would've been a breach of contract with Bravo, but she did a good job suggesting that there's definitely some friction there.

A source on Twitter that claims to have direct knowledge of what's happening on "RHOBH," has also tweeted brief messages that there's going to be a Kyle vs. Eden in the upcoming season 7. The account has also spilled that Kyle's sister, Kim Richards, will also be at odds with the new star.

Cast dynamics with Eden

Reports have connected Eden and Lisa Vanderpump as longtime friends. Photos posted to Instagram also suggest that Eden and Lisa Rinna have seemingly gotten along at this point while shooting the show.

Lisa V. will probably have an easier time than normal given the fact she made producers nervous about whether she'd sign her contract for season 7. She told Adweek that she was tired of being singled out by the other women and when she agreed to sign for the new season, one of the producers told her that she wouldn't regret it. Vanderpump is friends with both new stars on the show. The other newcomer is Dorit Kemsley, who also has a history with Vanderpump.

"The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" season 7 will premiere in late fall.

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