Adding to 'The Punisher' cast

One can certainly credit "Daredevil" for launching the Marvel/Netflix partnership that has thus far given viewers two action-packed seasons of Matt Murdock and company, one season of "Jessica Jones," and the most recent season of "Luke Cage." Added to this, we can also thank the "Daredevil" platform for introducing The Punisher into the show's second season. With a slate of shows that will include the likes of "Iron Fist" and later, "The Defenders," it's safe to say that the darker, grittier "Daredevil" is what opened the door to everything that we are seeing now from Marvel/Netflix.

One thing that has made DC, the CW, and the Arrowverse so successful in recent years is the ability to have crossovers between series and between characters, with Stephen Amell's Oliver Queen/Green Arrow joining forces with Grant Gustin's Barry Allen/The Flash. With "Supergirl" moving to the CW, fans were able to see that integration take place as well.

Following this, Marvel has done the same with their series of shows, with each of the different characters existing and fighting crime in Hell's Kitchen. Along with the title characters, we see supporting characters like Claire Temple and Foggy Nelson crossing over as well. It's here also that we see Deborah Ann Woll's Karen Page reportedly making the crossover from "Daredevil" to "The Punisher."

Karen Page and Frank Castle in 'The Punisher'

One can make the argument that it was Deborah Ann Woll's Karen Page that reached out to Jon Bernthal as The Punisher when the rest of Hell's Kitchen was either out for blood or determined to turn him in.

Karen Page earned Frank Castle's trust, and there was certainly a kind of chemistry between them in the way that they both understood each other when no one else could.

It's too early to tell how prominently Woll will be featured in the first season of "The Punisher," or the overall impact her character will have, but, with season one currently filming in New York, we may not have to wait very long to find out.

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