Rick Grimes is the man with a plan. He slices through zombies, outwits his enemies, shelters his friends and family and escapes with his mind and body intact. Even though he has respectfor almost everybody, his children will always come first. In Season 2, he shoots his former deputy and confidant, Shane, because of a lethal scandal and deadly rivalry. However, Grimes has evolved into a survivor with little interest in compliancy. His son, Carl, and daughter, Judith, need safety, shelter and survival.

Because Grimes is a paragon of a father and compeer, people are curious about the man beyond the screen. We do not want to know about intricacies of death tolls. We want to know about thegent caked with dirt, blood and bandages: Andrew Lincoln.

Thehandsome face of the renowned actor Andrew Lincoln

Rick Grimes is a southerner, but Andrew Lincoln's home is London, England. Because his accent isso perfect, many fans would not even guess that histongue accentuates a British timbre.While the audiencefirst views Grimes in a patrolvehicle, Lincoln's story begins with his father, mother and older brother.

His mom has a career in the nursing field while his father laborsas a civil engineer, and their financial stability allows Lincoln and his sibling to pursue their dreams. When Lincoln could no longer play Rugby, his discouragement did not overwhelm him, and his acting passion became a profitable gain. In the United Kingdom, his voiceovers in both radio and television ignite popularity. In 2003, he starred in themovie bonanza,"Love Actually," and women across the US and UK could not contain their squeals.

Lincoln finally arrived in Hollywood for the first time.

When there are biters, there is Grimes

In 2010, "The Walking Dead" aired its pilot, and everyone is infected. The breakout series allows Lincoln to really shine as his alter-ego, Rick Grimes, hogs the spotlight. Sometimes, there is too much blood, gore, and guts -- and devotees can squirm in discomfort. However, even critics cannot deny the powerful presence Lincoln, or Grimes, portrays.

He has a couple accolades for his noticeable devotion and dedication. With his fame on the rise, he can now relax with his real wife, Gael Anderson, and their two kids, Matilda and Arthur. Routine tension is normal for a brood of four, but thankfully, biters and anarchy are only for the cameras.

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