In last week's premiere of "The Flash," Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) had gone back in time to achieve the timeline he always longed for. Both his parents were alive and well and he no longer had the responsibility of being The Flash. Unfortunately, things started to go awry when he began losing the memories of the actual timeline, leaving him with an unthinkable option. Barry asked the Reverse-Flash to kill his mother, Nora, once again in order to erase the world he called 'Flashpoint' from existence. However, Barry would soon learn that altering time would have everlasting consequences.

Flashpoint 2.0

Iris not speaking to Joe would be the first but certainly not the last twist in the new take on 'Flashpoint.' When Barry made his way to S.T.A.R. Labs after apprehending a petty thief, he was stunned at Cisco's (Carlos Valdes) new demeanor; instead of being his usual funny self, he was extremely sullen and had no desire to give the baddie a nickname. The mood grew even more tense when Barry asked "Is he, like, working out now?," after Cisco said he was going to the gym, prompting Caitlin (Candice Patton) to reply "You know, Barry, sometimes your jokes just aren't very funny." Things would only go further downhill from there as Barry headed to the CCPD.

There, Joe revealed to him that the reason he and Iris weren't speaking was because he kept the fact that her mother was still alive from her.

As they made their way to the lab, Barry was surprised to discover that he was sharing the space with a new colleague for over a year: Julian Albert (Tom Felton). Albert is a meta-human CSI specialist who has a serious dislike -- bordering on disdain -- for Barry because he doesn't trust him. Cisco was also enraged with Barry due to him not wanting to reset the timeline to save his brother Dante from dying in a car crash.

Hosting a dinner to try and bring the team closer together only made things worse, and more so when Barry later confessed that he had reset the timeline after defeating Zoom after heeding Garrick's advice. Although angry that Barry kept that secret from them, it seems that the team will come around to forgiving him as Barry and Iris (as well as Barry and Cisco) began repairing their relationships.

Familiar faces lend a helping hand

In order to figure things out, Barry turned to his good friend Felicity Smoak (Emily Bett Rickards) in hopes that she could provide some helpful advice. He told her all about 'Flashpoint' and how the current timeline had changed before using her network to make sure nothing had changed in the Arrow-verse. He was confused to see a photo of John Diggle (David Ramsey) holding a young boy instead of a baby girl. Felicity informed him that instead of his wife, Lyla, having their daughter Sara, they had a boy named John Jr, causing him to panic. She then assured him that he could fix things, causing him to once again attempt to reset the timeline. Not on Jay Garrick's (John Wesley Shipp) watch though; he yanked him straight out of it back to 1998.

Garrick warned him about the effects of changing time, using a broken mug for his analogy: "You can reset the timeline, you can try to fix it, but no matter how hard you try... it's never gonna be exactly how it was."

An old foe resurfaces and a new threat rises

Elsewhere, Edward Clariss, known as 'Rival' in the 'Flashpoint' timeline, continued to have flashbacks to thatlife thanks to newvillainAlchemy, who urgesClariss to seek him out so that he could make his visions come true. His next move was to call out Barry in order to defeat him and remain the only speedster but failed. With the help of Julian, Barry was able to figure out where Clariss would be next, but this time Alchemy came along, but just when it seemed they might succeed, Cisco appeared as Vibe and blasted Clariss with a shock wave.

Clariss was last seen in a holding cell pleading with Alchemy for another chance to defeat Allen before an unknown arm grabbed him by the throat, his screams echoing.

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