The Bold and the Beautiful” spoilers for next week show that despite Steffy Forrester playing kissy face with Liam Spencer on Friday’s show she will reverse her decision to divorce Wyatt Fuller and get back with him again. Is Steffy's bouncing between the brothers horrible or what?

Liam or Wyatt – which will it be?

Steffy is setting all of them up for heartbreak and "B&B" fans have to be grossed out by her hooking up with both brothers. Steffy hasn’t slept with Liam yet but previews for next week reveal that she will get closer to her ex after reconciling with Wyatt. She’s crossing a line.

Liam doesn’t seem to be bothered that he’s trying to hook up with the woman that his brother is hooking up with but is Liam being naïve?

Is he so blinded by his love for Steffy and their history that he’s not thinking clearly? Shouldn’t he be grossed out by sharing with his brother?

Steffy crosses the line and back again

Even though Steffy walked out on him, Wyatt wants her back and talks Steffy into sticking with him. Steffy won’t mention the divorce talk or passionate kiss with Liam. Liam has to be annoyed when he hears she’s backtracking on being with him again and is back with Wyatt.

Would it be fair for Liam to tell Wyatt about the divorce decision she backtracked on and their kissing and cuddling? Liam might intentionally break his brother’s heart with this info to get Wyatt to dump his wife so Liam can scoop her up, but that would be downright cruel.

Should both brothers dump her?

The Bold and the Beautiful” spoiler has Steffy and Liam getting into a compromising position next week even though she agreed to get back with Wyatt. How much is too much? How long will the brothers allow her to string them both along before they call her on her duplicity?

Will it take an intervention from Ivy Forrester to get both brothers on the same page? Since Ivy has also been involved with Wyatt and Liam and wants to be back with Liam, if she finds out that Steffy has been kissing both brothers, she's sure to tell them both.

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