A new CBS “The Bold and the Beautiful” spoilers video shows Steffy Forrester turning to Liam Spencer then turning back to Wyatt Fuller as their love triangle explodes. Wyatt tells his mother Quinn Fuller Forrester that Steffy left him and probably ran to Liam.

Liam and Wyatt played by Steffy

The B&B video promo says “Will one brother’s loss be the other one’s gain?” as we see Liam cuddling up with Steffy on his sofa as he says “we belong together.” Liam doesn’t want Steffy to leave so will she stay? Will they cross the line before separation papers are filed to officially split her and Liam?

The problem is that Steffy will agree to get back with Wyatt after she told Liam she would seek a divorce and began kissing him.

Steffy is playing with both these men butshe can't have them both. Fans will be bothered if she beds them both and it looks bad already.

Wyatt tells his mom the bad news when he stops by to see her at the Forrester mansion where’s she’s living again since the power of attorney is revealed. Ridge Forrester also comes by the house and has a talk with his new step mommy.

Ridge vs Quinn

Quinn tells Ridge that she would be more comfortable if they could find a way to get along. Ridge won’t have a compromise and he calls her a gold digger in the video and says he wants her to leave. Ridge promises Quinn that he will get rid of her but he may be wrong.

Ridge will be happy this week when his dad Eric Forrester wakes up but then angrier than ever when Eric says 'no' to Ridge's demand that he tear up the power of attorney for Quinn and give it to him instead.

"The Bold and The Beautiful" previews show that things get spicier.

Eric and Quinn renew their vows, sign the marriage license, and make their nuptials official which solidifies Quinn as the new Mrs. Forrester. Eric is happy to have Wyatt as a new son and asks the Fullers to run Forrester Creations, Inc until Eric recovers.

Can Ridge contain his rage? Will Eric kick Ridge out of the company when he discovers his legal lie? Who will Steffy choose or will the choice be made for her?

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