“The Bold and the Beautiful” recap for Tuesday October 18 is here! The Forresters assemble to visit Eric Forrester but he’s still weak. Downstairs, Quinn Fuller Forrester is with Wyatt Fuller and she reports the family is still treating her badly.

Quinn and Wyatt get real

Wyatt says the family attitude won’t change unless she leaves Eric. Quinn says she can’t believe how much power she has with the POA. Quinn says Ridge will try and change Eric’s mind. Quinn asks about his marriage and Steffy Forrester.Wyatt says Steffy left him and is probably back with Liam.

Wyatt has a mini fit and rages over her marrying Eric and causing his divorce. Quinn encourages him to make Steffy stay with him. She says she can make Steffy realize she’s good for Eric.Quinn says she won’t let anything come between her and Eric and Wyatt should do the same with Steffy. He seems to be considering it. "B&B" won’t let this love triangle go yet.

Eric vs. Ridge

The doctor updates the family and says Eric is progressing nicely. Eric glares at Ridge when he starts his BS. The family all heaps praise and proclamations of love on Eric while he sits there silent listening.

The nurse comes to chase them all out.They leave en masse but Eric calls Ridge back and says “stay” it’s the first words he said to them. Ridge tells his father he lied to protect him. Eric asks if Ridge is happy he’s alive. Ridge says Quinn is not Eric’s wife and demands he sign a new power of attorney.Ridge tells Eric to be reasonable and this is about more than his wedding – there’s too much at risk.

He says Quinn can’t handle it and can’t be trusted and tells Eric to give him the power. Ridge says nothing and just glares at his son.

Steffy wastes no time

Steffy is with Liam Spencer. Liam asks about Quinn and if she’s still at Eric’s house. Steffy tells him that Quinn is so dangerous she had to end her marriage and says she feels guilty. Liam says Steffy needs to watch out for herself.Steffy is all over Liam as they continue to talk about Wyatt.

Liam says Wyatt chose to keep Quinn in his life but Steffy defends him and says that’s his mom. Liam is happy she’s done with Wyatt and they go back to couch cuddling.

Liam wants Steffy in his bed now

Liam wants her to move back in and start sleeping with him again but she says she has to shut things down with Wyatt and do this right. Liam keeps pushing Steffy to go to bed with him. Steffy says no but moves to sit on his lap.She says she can’t wait to sleep with him again. They go back to kissing.

That's it for this “The Bold and the Beautiful” recap. "B&B" airs weekdays on CBS.

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