On Thursday in 'The Bold and the Beautiful', the drama continued with Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) standing in Brooke's room. Desperate to get her away from Bill, he explained that he had a 'momentary lapse of reason', but now he's back. Donna (Jennifer Gareis) interrupted to remind the pair that Bill (Don Diamont) is getting impatient, but Brooke (Kelly Katherine Lang) asked for a couple more minutes. Brooke lamented to Ridge that it wasn't fair for him to be saying that he wants her back now, and that she couldn't believe that he is doing this on her wedding day.

"Don't do this...don't marry Spencer." Ridge begged.

RJ feels satisfied

While talking to Rick (Jacob Young), RJ (Anthony Turden) showed confidence that their mother will not be marrying Bill. "I don't want mom marrying Spencer either, RJ... but she loves him." said Rick. RJ believed that his father will stop the wedding and their mother won't be coming home as Mrs. Bill Spencer.

Maya and Nicole catch up

Lovebirds Nicole (Reign Edwards) and Zende (Rome Flynn) were chatting and goofing around at Forrester.

Zende was still in disbelief that Maya (Karla Mosley) and Rick had asked Nicole to have another baby for them. She commented that Rick and Maya have been totally respectful and understanding. Zende revealed that he has plans for them as a couple and intends to make real memories together. Nicole soon had to run off to meet her sister Maya, but Zende seemed on edge about his girlfriend feeling pressured to repeat the favor of surrogacy.

Nicole told him not to worry about it. At Brooke's house, Maya shared that she and Rick weren't at the wedding because it is an intimate ceremony and the fact that they aren't Bill's biggest fans. She then continued, "This is a question, not pressure: have you thought about giving Lizzie a little brother or sister?" Nicole replied that she has.

Bill is losing his patience

Donna was under pressure from Bill to come up with answers about Brooke.

She managed to stop him from going upstairs to Brooke's room to find out what was taking so long. As Donna got distracted, Bill then signaled Alison (Theodora Greece) to go there instead. Brooke repeated to Ridge that she is going to marry the man that she wants and he will get the Forrester shares as originally intended. Alison overheard Ridge outside Brooke's bedroom door and informed Bill that Brooke was speaking with a man. Bill's blood boiled, and he made his way to Brooke's room. Ridge reminded Brooke that they have always loved each other and that he was awakened by RJ that he didn't want to lose her.

He apologized that he didn't always fight for her and for putting her in this 'ridiculous situation'. "So come on, get your stuff. Let's go home." The scene ended with Brooke and Ridge discovering that Bill was standing in the room and listening.

'The Bold and the Beautiful' airs Monday to Friday on CBS, and stay tuned for tomorrow's recap.

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