On Tuesday in "The Bold and the Beautiful,"Bill (Don Diamont) was all smiles as he prepared to get married to Brooke (Kelly Katherine Lang), and asked Wyatt (Darin Brooks) to be his best man. "Unlike some other people who are not here today, you have been supportive of Brooke and me." he told Wyatt. Still at home, Brooke got a call from Ridge, who was hoping to catch her before she left for Spencer. He told her that he wanted Bill's shares in the company and to get rid of Quinn (Rena Sofer), but that he wished that there was another way.

Brooke said that she had to go and hung up before he had anything further to say.

RJ still has hope for his parents

RJ (Anthony Turpel) insisted that he still believes that his parents should get back together. Brooke tried to tell RJ that Bill is in fact a wonderful man, but he wasn't having it. He made it clear to her that she's making a mistake. Later on, the bride confided in her sister Donna (Jennifer Gareis) that she wished that she wasn't letting down her son.

Rick grills Ridge

At the office, Rick questioned why Ridge is allowing the marriage between his mother and Bill, but Ridge quickly asserted that he is trying to protect the company.

Ridge went on to share his belief that Brooke and Bill's marriage will not last. Rick warned that the marriage could last an entire lifetime. Rick discovered that Ridge doesn't want to give up his mother. Although Rick dislikes both Bill and Ridge, he then revealed that he felt that he would have been the better choice between him and Bill.

RJ went to his father's office to speak with him and to get answers.

He was in disbelief that his father wasn't doing anything to stop the wedding. He expressed the fact that he didn't understand what was going on and that he was kept out of the loop.Back at Bill's home, Brooke and Bill were elated to see each other. "This day is finally here, Brooke. We begin the rest of our lives together."

"The Bold and the Beautiful" airs Monday to Friday on CBS, and stay tuned for tomorrow's recap.

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