Here’s the“The Bold and the Beautiful” recap for the B&B Monday October 17 episode. Ridge Forrester and Brooke Logan talk about the power of attorney and she asks why he thought he could get away with the lie. He says he was desperate.

Katie pushes Bill’s buttons

Ridge stills wants Brooke to marry Bill Spencer Jr and give him the shares she’ll get as a wedding gift. Katie Logan asks Bill why he and Brooke aren’t married yet. Bill says RJ Forrester is an obstacle and Katie mocks him for a teen defeating him.Katie tells Bill that it seems like RJ, Ridge and Brooke might be happy together as a family.

Sure enough RJ walks in on Ridge and Brooke looking cozy and encourages them to get close again. RJ snaps a family selfie and nags his dad to stop the wedding.

RJ wants his family back

RJ asks: didn’t Ridge love Brooke most of any other woman? RJ says Bill will treat Brooke as badly as he treated Katie and says Bill is the reason Quinn Fuller is in their lives. Brooke goes to Bill and tells him about Quinn’s power of attorney and Ridge’s lie.Bill pushes on Brooke to get married ASAP. She says RJ needs time. Bill says a teenager shouldn’t control them. Bill tells Brooke they’re getting married, no more waiting. They kiss but her mind is elsewhere. Ridge also seems to be swayed by what RJ said.

Rick pushes Nicole for another baby

Nicole Avant got face time with Lizzie and talked to Rick Forrester about parenting her. Rick asks again about her being a surrogate and plays on her emotions. Nicole is affected by his words. She seems to really be thinking about it.

Zende Forrester works with Sasha Avant who is distracted.

Sasha says she and Thomas Forrester are over because Caroline Spencer wants to be with Thomas and she won’t get in the way. Zende admires her bravery.

Sasha writes Zende a reality check

Sasha tells Zende that little Douglas deserves both parents and she gets that since she grew up with such a bad deal.

Zende tells Sasha about Rick and Maya Avant asking Nicole to have another baby. Sasha is shocked and Zende shares some of his outrage.Sasha says if Nicole does this, she’s disrespecting Zende.

The Bold and the Beautiful” airs weekdays on CBS.

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