It has been a topsy-turvy season so far, with Red and Kirk managing to out-think each other at various points. The way things stand as of the last episode, Red managed to free Liz from Kirk’s captivity, but Agnes has been taken once again. The task force, Liz, Tom and Red do their best to free the innocent child during the course of this episode.

Mr. Kaplan lives

At the end of last episode, we are made to believe that Red killed Mr. Kaplan for betraying him and helping Liz plot her escape. We find out during this episode that she just barely manages to survive the gunshot, but struggles to manage her pain because she is stuck in a forest.

Fortunately, or unfortunately for her, a couple of people manage to find her in the forest, but it is not revealed if they intend to hurt her or protect her.

The vital link

The blacklister featured during this episode is Miles McGrath – a young, arrogant but powerful entrepreneur who is famous for funding illegal projects that are anti-establishment. Red realizes that McGrath has been commissioned by Kirk to retrieve something for him, which is why he uses his influence to infiltrate the gang that is currently partnered with McGrath on his mission for Kirk.

He places an inside man to scout the activities of the group, and the inside man is no other than Tom Keene himself. After a brief initiation period, Tom gets comfortable within the group and acts as the eyes and ears for the task force during the mission.

We find out that McGrath is after a highly classified shipment of Class A infectious substance, but he is interested in only one particular sample that needs to be retrieved for Kirk. Using Tom’s assistance, the task force crack down on the team working with McGrath, and Red helps bring down McGrath himself, but not before he gets details about Kirk from him.

Liz is back

A highly awkward but heartfelt reunion occurs at the task force headquarters when Liz returns for the first time after faking her own death. Although Aram welcomes her with sincerity, Liz doesn’t get the same reaction from Nawabi who is visibly hurt by her actions. By the end of the episode, it is clear that Nawabi is no longer comfortable working with the task force because of Liz, and she requests for a transfer.

Meanwhile, Liz continues to understand more about her mother and her own past when she finds her mother's diary in an FBI office. She reads about Red and Katarina’s affair and understands that the two were genuinely in love at one point. She begins to look at Red and her relationship slightly differently, after realizing that Katarina fell in love with Red after being secretly posted in his life, much like Tom and Liz’s own love story.

Kirk’s true intentions

The one sample that Kirk needed from McGrath contained the Robowski virus, but we aren’t told what he intends to do with the sample until the end of the episode. Red explains to Liz that Kirk has been unwell for some time now, and the only way he can extend his life span now is by using the sample of the Robowski virus and one living relative’s blood samples.

Liz shudders when she understands that this was the true reason Kirk has been trying to kidnap her until now, but even though she is safe, Agnes is still in the midst of Kirk’s horrid plan.

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