It's the Halloween weekend! This celebration of horror, witches and the undead is always a day to look forward to. Between extravagant costumes and TV horror marathons, have a look at my suggestion of the 5 best scary TV episodes that celebrate this day. It's a juicy list!

"American Horror Story Coven": Burn, Witch. Burn!

"American Horror Story" have various Halloween specials that are worth mentioning. Ryan Murphy knows how to handle this genre, but my pick is season three's Burn, Witch. Burn! It was scary, it was intense: the perfect episode to re-watch on Monday. Itfocuses on Fiona's revenge on Myrtle Snow and it's juicy.

"Buffy": Halloween

"Buffy" is such a cult: Joss Whedon has created an impressive seven seasons TV show and there are various memorable Halloween- related episodes. "Halloween"'s spirit makes your costumes come true, and Buffy has some problems with that. It's hilarious and scary at the same time, a must-see.

"Supernatural": It's The Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester!

Halloween and Winchester could be synonyms: "Supernatural" has always delivered a consistent dose of anxiety and fear. Can we forget of It's The Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester!? It will likely affect your sleep. There is a witch that must be hunted: she is sacrificing people in order to summon a powerful demon.

"Gilmore Girls": Pulp Fiction

"Gilmore Girls" is coming back, and everybody is still celebrating. If you want to do a Halloween marathon, you can't leave out the charming Pulp Fiction. Gilmore Girls' costumes arealways incredible, but watching Rory dressed as Gogo Yubari at a Tarantino-themed party is beyond that.

You will notend up getting scared, but you can definitely be inspired for your next Halloween costume!

"Black Mirror": Playtest

"Black Mirror" has always been a disturbing and tense show. Last week, the TV seriesreturned on Netflix with its third season, and the episode 3x02 Playtest can be labelledas the perfect Halloween episode.

It's the story of Cooperwho agrees to take part of a video game company's experiment. Hisworst nightmares will become real and things will get ugly. Pure anxiety.

Have you watched any of these episodes? Which Halloween episode is yourall-time favorite? Don't miss my follow-up article about "This month Cable TV ratings" and have look at my previous articles about the "Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life" Trailer, and "Grey's Anatomy saddest death".

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