Nick Viall is ABC's “The Bachelor” 2017 lead and he is filming his journey to find love right now. Gossip guru Reality Steve is dishing out details regarding how things are shaping up and he just shared a fun spoiler tease for fans. What's the latest?

Reality Steve's latest 'Bachelor' spoilers will have fans buzzing

It has become fairly customary for a past contestant to show up on every season to see if they can find love with the new lead. Reality Steve's “Bachelor” spoilers have previously indicated that he expected this to be the case for Season 21 with Nick Viall as well, but until now, he had not confirmed anything of this nature.

Now, however, Reality Steve teases that there is indeed a familiar face within Viall's group of bachelorettes. Unfortunately, he isn't sharing a name quite yet. His “Bachelor” spoiler hints that this person will be someone from Nick's past, it is a female, she is a contestant, and she does have a connection to the franchise.

Who are fans guessing is the mystery contestant?

Steve's followers have been tossing out guesses on Twitter, but he isn't sharing any more specifics quite yet. Some wondered if it might be Jen Saviano, Viall's romantic partner from Season 3 of “Bachelor in Paradise." However, others have noted that Jen has remained quite active on social media this fall so it likely isn't her.

One guess that seems like it probably has some potential is Lauren Iaconetti, Season 2 “Bachelor in Paradise” contestant and sister of Ashley. Lauren has met Nick before and even posted a picture quite recently on Twitter showing her with Viall, Ashley, and Jared Haibon, and she's been silent on social media for about the same amount of time that “The Bachelor” has been filming.

There surely are other possibilities as well, but this one definitely raises some eyebrows.

Does this returnee have a shot at the final rose?

The gossip guru notes that this person does show up on the first night, and if it is Lauren, she seemingly is still there as they film Episode 4 in Wisconsin due to her lack of social media activity. Seeing Iaconetti on Season 21 would surely generate some buzz, but there are others tied to the franchise who would surely stir up more talk as Lauren isn't all that well-known to viewers as a whole and she doesn't necessarily seem like much of a match for Nick.

Who do you think is the familiar face who has shown up to woo Nick Viall on ABC's “The Bachelor” 2017 season? Is he sincere in trying to find love and could this fourth outing with the franchise finally do the trick for him in connecting him with his ultimate Ms. Right?

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