The Bachelor” spoilers for Nick Viall's season are starting to emerge and a juicy story about his connection to one contestant is already being revealed. Gossip guru Reality Steve has teased that one bachelorette already knew Nick and has a connection to the franchise, and now he's revealing the full scoop.

Nick Viall has a juicy connection to one of his bachelorettes

Fans started digging and making guesses as Reality Steve's initial “Bachelor” spoilers about this juicy tidbit emerged, but nobody made quite the right connection. It seems that a lady named Elizabeth Sandoz is one of Nick Viall's bachelorettes, and she happens to know Jade Roper Tolbert from Chris Soules' “Bachelor” season and Season 2 of “Bachelor in Paradise.”

In fact, Sandoz was Jade's maid of honor in her wedding to Tanner Tolbert and Viall was a guest at the event.

Reality Steve's “Bachelor” spoilers tease that Nick and Elizabeth slept together the night of the wedding, but didn't have any contact after that. How did Nick react to seeing his one-night stand step out of the limo on his first night of filming? How much of this prior “relationship” will be revealed as the show airs?

How much will Nick and Elizabeth reveal about their fling?

It seems that Elizabeth will mention having met Nick to one of the other gals and that bachelorette brings it up to him. The two will talk about things during a group date in Episode 2 and he soon sends her home. So, ultimately, this familiar face who shows up to woo Viall doesn't get very far.

Us Weekly confirms that someone Nick had previously hooked up with shows up as a contestant, and their insider confirms that it was a fling where he never called her again.

In addition, it seems that Viall had told producers that he didn't want any bachelorettes who he had known before the show, an interesting tidbit considering his own history with the franchise.

Viewers may not get the full inside scoop on Elizabeth Sandoz's appearance this winter on “The Bachelor,” but it sounds like it may well be a juicy enough connection that producers won't be able to resist revealing some of the details.

Which woman ultimately will score Nick Viall's final rose? Taping should wrap in mid-November and ABC's “The Bachelor” 2017 season will premiere in January and fans cannot wait to get started with this season.

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