Kris Jenner is a strong and hardworking woman. She raised her six children, spent holidays with her family, arranged lavish vacations, coordinated motivational speeches for her husband, managed several careers and scheduled homey dinners for every "K" and "J." Unfortunately, her divorce from Olympian athlete Bruce Jenner created a pandemonium. Gossip rags, media outlets and anyone with a phone clamored about their separation and Caitlyn's shocking transformation. Now, three years later, scabbed wounds gush blood.


The mother of all phone calls

In a promo for a "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" episode, Kim Kardashian dialed her mother's number to talk about a tense situation. When Kim dressed Caitlyn for the 2016 ESPY Awards, word spread to Kris, and the businesswoman was overwhelmed with toxic emotions. Before the phone call, Kim's sister warned her about their mother's feelings, so Kim tried to keep calm.


However, this dynasty is known for their outspoken attitude and harsh honesty, so the conversation escalated.

Kris yelled, "Kim, you are a f**king traitor!" The mama-manager could not control her temper, but her daughter leveled the discussion. She responded, "I truly didn't think that you would care. I'm just going to try to stay neutral and not get involved." The aerated argument was a major misunderstanding, but unfortunately for Kim, sensitivity didn't win.

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Kim Kardashian

Kris huffed, "You're my children that I gave birth to. I want loyalty, I don't want f**king neutral."

Her scars weren't created by Kim, and the healing process can only begin with acceptance. Kris felt betrayed not by her children but by her ex-husband. The devastation of loss, love and future took a toll on the millionaire's emotional state. Even though Kris is with another man, the heartbreak and pain still linger, and Kim's generosity isn't the real reason behind her mother's tears.

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