"Teen Wolf"bid farewell to Derek Hale in 2014, but it’s high time Tyler Hoechlin’s werewolf made a trip home.

The MTV series will begin it’s 20-episode send off this November, and, although Hoechlin will remain MIA for the first half of season 6, the odds for Derek’s return just got a little better. "Teen Wolf"stopped by New York Comic Con over the weekend, giving the cast a chance to dole out teasers for the finale season.

“There [are] a number of people showing up,”series creator Jeff Davis said, according to Deadline.

Who Could Return?

While the writer doesn’t want the finale to be strangled by cameos, he isn’t averse to exploring creative options when it comes to bringing back a host of fan favorites.

“You wouldn’t believe the number of crazy ideas we’ve talked about in the writer’s room,” Davis teased.

When it comes to Derek Hale, the hardest part isn’t concocting a reason for him to return to California’s supernatural epicenter. Unlike several "Teen Wolf" characters, Scott’s (Tyler Posey) former mentor is actually alive and well. Heavily invested in the wellbeing of his former Beta, the failed Alpha would presumably drop everything if his teenaged compatriots needed his aid. Instead, the real problem lies in wrangling Hoechlin’s filming schedule. The actor’s a little busy flying around Vancouver as theMan of Steelon "Supergirl", after all.

“I’ll talk to his agent again,” Davis promised a packed house at NYCC (see video below).

“He’s Superman!”

Will Derek Meet The Ghost Riders?

If Derek does return, he presumably won’t have to face off with the Ghost Riders. Slated to feature as the season 6A villains, the “Riders on the Storm” will undoubtedly move on after episode 10.

Over the last six seasons, only the Dread Doctors have weathered a midseason hiatus, and, based on Davis’ latest statements, the chilling cowboys won’t join their ranks.

“There are 20 episodes,” Davis explained to Entertainment Weekly. “There are two stories that are connected with each other that wrap up our series.”

"Teen Wolf"will return to MTV on Nov.

15 with “Memory Lost.” Click the video below to see the first 8 minutes of the season 6 premiere!

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