Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra have a long history with each other and the "Teen Mom" series. They started out on "16 and Pregnant" when they made the decision to give their first daughter up for adoption.

The young couple is the most stable of all the "Teen Mom" relationships. They have been together since high school and have children only with each other. They married last year just after their youngest daughter was born. Tyler stood by his wife as she suffered from postpartum depression and sought treatment.

Unfair editing claims.

There have been claims of unflattering edits this year from several of the "Teen Mom OG" stars.

It isn't just Tyler and Catelynn, but also other cast members who have gone public with the same complaint. It has to make you wonder why a Reality TV show would do this and it comes to one conclusion - ratings!

Comments from previous conversations added.

Tyler and Catelynn have a couple of specific examples to prove their claims. While this season makes it seem that Tyler is criticizing Catelynn this season, there was a scene that was taped just after her return from rehab. Well, the statement by Tyler that was edited in was from a conversation prior to her leaving for treatment! This is a total manipulation of a conversation and an obvious attempt to sway the opinion of the viewer.

Not showing the reason behind the tears

Another incident Tyler pointed out on "Radar Online" was when his wife was crying. The assumption that her tears stemmed from something Tyler had done wasn't correct because the producer had asked her something that upset her.

This is a reality TV series and that is what fans tune in to see - reality.

Fans of "Teen Mom" all know that there is enough drama with some of the cast to make up for the rest of the cast. While MTV is understandably after ratings, the cast is sharing their lives with the camera. Shouldn't the executives behind the scenes be honest about who their cast is? Why manipulate situations to hurt the reputation of the cast members?

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