“Teen Mom OG” star Amber Portwood is currently facing quite a bit of drama when it comes to her daughter Leah, her ex Gary Shirley, and her relationship with fiance Matt Baier. Matt's son Chris has been dealing with some addiction issues and having him in the mix of things for the family is stirring up chaos. What's the latest?

What causes new conflict between Amber and Gary?

As Radar Online details, Matt Baier is trying to help his son Chris after years of discord between the two, but this situation is sparking an intense reaction from Amber's ex Gary Shirley and his current wife Kristina Anderson.

“Teen Mom OG” previews show them questioning Leah's safety in this situation, and given the extended custody battle Amber and Gary went through over Leah, Portwood may find that this turns out to be a really bad idea.

According to the Ashley's Reality Roundup, despite some reservations, Chris is currently living with Amber and Matt. He had allegedly abandoned his pregnant ex-girlfriend in South Dakota in order to move in with the “Teen Mom OG” family. In addition, sources claim that Matt is quite anxious to improve his public image so he thinks that stepping up to help his estranged son could do the trick.

Portwood and Baier's relationship has hit some rough patches

Despite the allegations that Chris abandoned this girlfriend, apparently a woman named Madonna, said that Matt was doing this to look good, Madonna says that Chris truly needed help and she praises the “Teen Mom OG” stars for stepping up to lend their support.

It may well be that the couple's intentions are sincere, but will this lead to problems with Gary over Leah's custody?

As viewers have seen in this current season, Amber and Matt have already faced some struggles in their relationship that led them to decide to put their wedding plans on hold. While “Teen Mom” star Chelsea Houska just got married to Cole DeBoer, and Maci Bookout is on the verge of marrying Taylor McKinney, Portwood and Baier's October nuptials have been shelved.

Can this couple survive the challenges they have been facing, especially when these new issues are adding to their stress? “Teen Mom OG” fans are quite curious to see where things head next for Amber Portwood and Matt Baier with this situation regarding his son Chris, her daughter Leah, her ex Gary Shirley, and his current wife.

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