Things have been a bit rough this season for Tyler Baltierra and Catelyn Lowell on “Teen Mom OG,” but he is doing his best to make it clear via social media that things are not necessarily how they seem on the show. Tyler has faced a lot of criticism for how he has acted toward and spoken to Catelyn this season, but he says that editing has played a bit role in this and that in reality, the family is doing well.

Baltierra claims he's been edited unfairly

As Radar Online details, Tyler Baltierra has spoken out noting that MTV's editing in some recent episodes have made him look extremely critical of Catelynn Lowell, even though things have been twisted around a bit.

He notes that one recent comment came off as quite harsh after his wife came home from treatment, and he says that the comment had actually been said before she'd gone away. He also alleges that a scene showing Lowell crying a lot was actually due to questions from the producer that the show didn't air rather than anything related to him.

One “Teen Mom OG” fan asked Tyler via Twitter how he deals with all of the bashing he has been getting this season. He said that he holds and kisses Catelynn and their child and focus on what they know the truth is and how much love they share.

Baltierra is getting quite a bit of support on this front, but he's still got plenty of critics as well.

Tyler and Catelynn are seemingly sticking together

For her part, Catelynn had been on Twitter defending her husband quite a bit as well.

She tweeted about how people seem to believe everything they see, noting that a recent preview made things look entirely different from how they had actually happened. Of course, some viewers point out that Catelynn and Tyler may be frequently critical of the show and the editing lately, yet they continue to do the show when they could walk away.

Do you think that Catelyn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra are justified in pointing the finger toward the show's editors in the midst of all of this drama?

Should the "Teen Mom OG" stars step back and re-evaluate what they say and do in front of the cameras if they are unhappy with how they are being represented or are they right in asserting that the things they say and do on-camera are being twisted around?

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