The cast of "Teen mom OG" has enough drama to shade the sun. Members Maci Bookout, Farrah Abraham, Catelynn Lowell and AmberPortwoodhave the conflicts and contentions displayed for the entire world to judge, and the backlash from viewers can grate on these young mothers' nerves. Bookout has to deal with her son Bentley's father Ryan Edwards' possible drug use. Farrah Abraham has to plow through rampant negativity. Catelynn Lowell has to battle both demons and trolls. However, the latest scandal is in the form of an asserted catfight perpetuatedby online commentary.

Amber Portwood, the alleged bully, faced harsh criticism from unnamed sources, popular websites and wired comments. Theentrepreneur didnot keep quiet, and in the package of Instagram videos, she shared her truth.

What really happened?

With makeup unblemished, hair combed and cleavage expressed, Portwood filmed herself forher near one million followers. She fought through jetlag toburythe rumors about any skirmish between her and her co-star Abraham. She said, "Stay open-minded and understand that 90% of what you're reading isn't true." She wants her fans to think before they reach a conclusion.

Most articles will exaggerate information for more views, more notoriety and more money. Clickbait is a vital tool for many writers, and a piece about a blowout will sell more than one about intense fellowship. Men and women will ogle the candor very soon on the reunion tape.

Are Portwood and Abraham at odds?

These two have an extensive history of disputation. Their egos and opinions have clashed with each other over the years, but I expect the two beauties have love and admiration between them.

They know the struggles of microscopic attention, hurtful brickbats and relentless disapproval. Portwood overcame drugs, and Abraham overcame slut-shaming. The pair may air their spats, disagree with opposite lifestyles and result into a puddle of angry tweets, but friends experience these problems. Fistfights aren't necessary when respect, goodwill and Dr. Drew occupy the room.

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