Farrah Abraham, AmberPortwood, Catelynn Lowell and Maci Bookout have been in the "Teen Mom" franchise since the beginning. They started with "16 and Pregnant" and helped MTV grow the show into a full franchise.

Catelynn breaks the big news!

Catelynn Lowell and her husband Tyler Baltierra were in Los Angeles to accept the personal invitation of Sia to a concert. According to "The Ashley" Catelynn confirmed the plans for season 7 in an interview with "TMZ". She said that she feels like the show will be an ongoing part of her life. Tyler joked that they plan to keep the show running until season 42.

Catelynn's mother, April, joked that the show could just transfer over to Catelynn's kids when they became parents themselves.

Catelynn and Tyler are great!

In the interview with "TMZ" Catelynn also discussed her relationship with her husband Tyler. On season 6 it seems that things may be a little rocky. While Tyler has claimed that is due to the edit he is getting, Catelynn assures fans that they are really doing very well.

Tyler isn't the only one who has brought up bad edits this season. Taylor McKinney, Maci Bookout's new husband, has said the same thing. Both claim the edit MTVis giving them is manipulated and unfair. No word on whether Catelynn or Maci brought this up during negotiations for the newly signed season.

Over the years fans have followed the cast through so much. Legal issues of some of the cast, legal issues of exes of the cast, family issues, fighting with each other. There has been controversy and drama. Threats of lawsuits and arguments with production. Break ups, make ups, custody issues, marriages and divorce.

As the cast ages, the problems get more complicated.

MTV has not yet made an official announcement of a season 7 of "Teen Mom OG". We have also not yet heard from the rest of the cast on their thoughts but Catelynn let us know that she plans on riding this cash cow as long as possible! Considering the cast is no longer teenagers, MTV sees the same potential.

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