Over the weekend MTV taped the Season 6 reunion show of "Teen Mom OG". As in each of the previous reunion shows, each cast member spends some time on stage with Dr. Drew Pinsky and then the cast as a whole.

Farrah's mouth starts drama

At the taping, when Farrah Abraham's on-again, off-again boyfriendSimon Saran was taping his one on one with the doctor, he was asked about some of his social media comments regarding Matt Baier, Amber Portwood's fiancé. Saran had stated that Baier is a pedophile. Just when it seemed that Saran was going to apologize, Abraham piped in to say that Baier does look like a pedophile.

This sent Portwood into a rage. She ran up on her "Teen Mom" co-star and the two began arguing right there on stage. Abraham's father, Michael, jumped between the two women, which brought Baier to the stage as well. Things digressed to the point that Abraham's father actually began to choke Baier! When security got things settled down, they escorted Portwood and her man out of the situation.

Was Farrah threatened by Maci?

Inquisitr reports that before security got things under control, both Catelynn Lowell and Maci Bookout tried to get on the stage to help their "Teen Mom" co-star handle Farrah Abraham. At one point or another each of the women has had a problem with Abraham. There were rumors that Bookout was screaming threats to Abraham!

Season 7 recently announced

MTV recently announced "Teen Mom OG" will be returning for a Season 7. Even some cast members were surprised that they are continuing the show of the "OG" cast considering how long is has been since they all started on "16 and Pregnant". At this point, a few cast members havesaid their children will no longer be on the show.

Well, isn't the show supposed to be about the moms and children?

With all the drama from the Reunion taping, it is obvious there is a lot of hidden animosity to go along with all the not so hidden grudges between the cast. Add Baier asking out both Abraham and "Teen Mom 2" star Jenelle Evans before making his way to his now fiancé Portwood and there is another issue.

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