"Teen Mom OG" star Maci Bookout has officially had it with her ex-boyfriend Ryan Edwards. Maci, who shares her oldest son, Bentley, with Ryan, revealed during the newest episode of the MTV reality series that Ryan has been seriously slacking on his parental duties. During the episode, Bookout gives birth to her third child, Maverick. She later reveals that she hasn't spoken to Ryan in weeksand that he hasn't come to meet little Maverick, who is his own son's brother. Bookout often says that Ryan and Bentley's relationship is more brotherly than it is father and son.

Maci has had enough of Ryan's lazy parenting

Wet Paint reports that Maci was so furious for Ryan's absence, especially during little Bentley's baseball games, that she wondered if he had a chemical imbalance preventing him from caring enough about being a father to actually act like one."Is there some sort of chemical imbalance for him to not feel the same way?" she wonders. In the previous episode, Maci Bookout reveals that she believes Ryan Edwards constant lack of responsibility may have something to do with his lazy parenting.

Ryan's parents enabling him?

The "Teen Mom OG" star reveals that Ryan's parents, Jen and Larry, who have an outstanding relationship with Maci, Bentley, and Maci's other two children, may have sheltered Ryan too much.

Ryan is currently in his late 20's and does not have a job. Bookout claims that the fact that Jen cleans his room, does his laundry, and makes him meals only contributes to Ryan's laziness. However, the tables may be turning for Mr. Edwards as his parents, especially his father, Larry, seem to be getting to their breaking point as well.

In the new trailer for the final half of the season, Larry is seen frustrated with his son, and seemingly at his wits end with Ryan Edwards' behavior. Can Jen and Larry pull Ryan out of whatever funk he's been in, and make him into the kind of father that Bentley deserves?

Bookout and Edwards have a lot to work on

Recently, Maci Bookout also revealed that Ryan Edwards need to find a girlfriendand that she worries he never will. The "Teen Mom" describes Ryan's perfect match as someone exactly like herself, only more willing to put up with his annoying behavior. Some fans question whether or not Ryan is still in love with Maci and regrets losing her now that he sees what kind of family they could have had together. What do you think of the situation?

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