According to a new report from the E! Online news team, stars of MTV's "Teen Mom OG" reality show: Farrah Abraham and Amber Portwoord, reportedly showed up to the MTV set to film a special reunion episode this past Saturday afternoon, October 22nd, 2016, and things didn't go so well as Farrah and Amber got into a really heavy, physical brawl at one point!

Some alleged, harsh comments sparked the fight

They say that the fight broke out after Dr. Drew Pinsky, talked about some alleged comments that were made by Farrah's boyfriend: Simon Saran, in regards to Amber's current fiance: Matt Baier.

Apparently, Dr. Drew, claimed that Simon called Matt a pedophile. From there, Farrah reportedly said that Matt does kind of resemble what a pedophile would supposedly look like.

Amber charged the stage

That comment is what made the gates of hell, bust open as Amber was sparked at that point, jumping onto the stage to get all up in Farrah's face! Farrah's father, Michael, tried to stop the 2 girls from breaking out into a fight. Matt also ran in between them.

Amber tried to punch Farrah and missed

After that, things got really crazy as an onlooker, reportedly saw Michael actually fly into the audience!

Then Farrah started egging Amber to throw a punch at her, and Amber tried to, but missed! There's also reports that some of the other OG castmembers, including that cute Maci Bookout, tried to get onstage during the fight. Then things finally settled down after the security team showed up, and got Matt and Amber off the stage.

Amber talked crap on Twitter

Later on, Farrah and Amber hopped on their official Twitter accounts to comment about what went down.

Amber had a lot to say, stating that Farrah's dad, Michael, actually got in her face! Then Michael also tried to choke Matt when he stepped in to defend Amber, and Matt retaliated by knocking him on his butt! She finished up her statement by saying that Farrah's dude, Simon, just sat on the couch the entire time.

Amber needs to work on her aim

Farrah just resorted to some name calling and expressed frustration in her Twitter rants.

Simon, however, told Amber she needs to work on her aim, which was in reference to her missing Farrah when she tried to throw a punch at her. He followed that up by telling Matt that he should have tried to come at him instead of fighting Farrah's dad. Stay tuned.

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