"Teen Mom" Jenelle Evans is accused of being a bad mom after taking her 2-year-old son Kaiser for a stroll on the beach in North Carolina instead of moving her family to safety after evacuation warnings were issued prior to Hurricane Matthew's arrival. Evans continues to face fan scrutiny after ignoring the urgent weather alerts to head for a safe location. Instead, Jenelle took her family out into the storm, walking the beach in dangerously high winds.

'Teen Mom' rides Hurricane Matthew out

Jenelle, 24, shared photos of herself and son Kaiser battling the high winds captioning the photo stating there is such "beauty in a storm." Jenelle, who is currently pregnant was joined on her dangerous outing by baby daddy, David Eason, and his daughter Maryssa.

Fans immediately took to social media hurling insults Evans' way, calling her a bad mother and an idiot for placing her child in danger and threatening to alert child services. As if the dangerous beach stroll was not enough Jenelle added fuel to the fire, laughing off the insults and stating that she and her family were "all fine"and were enjoying a family day baking hurricane cupcakes while riding out the storm.

This is not the first time, nor the last that one of the "Teen Mom" cast members has been slammed when it comes to making questionable decisions when it comes to their children.

Most of the time, however, the brunt of the bad mom remarks are thrown in Farrah Abraham's direction. Farrah must be breathing a sigh of relief that at least for the day, she is off of the hook as far as bad parenting goes.

Jenelle Evans, or Farrah Abraham, who is more of a bad mom?

In all fairness, though, not all people are always able to evacuate their homes during a storm for one reason or another.

Sadly, sometimes there are just no other choices than to take whatever safety precautions are available and hope for the best. Most parents would never dare to take their children out in such life threatening conditions. However, this does not appear to be the case for Jenelle Evans,it just appears she was in the mood to take a risk with her life, as well as risk the lives of her children.

Luckily for Evans, this time, things turned out okay, but the "Teen Mom" star might not be quite as fortunate next time she decides to get her kicks by venturing out into a storm with her kids.

Do you believe Jenelle Evans' risk should be considered a form of child endangerment?

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