"Teen Mom" stars Tyler and Catelynn Baltierrahaveannounced that they will be starring in their very own MTV reality series. The new series is scheduled to begin airing on December 5th at 10 p.m. on MTV and will focus on Tyler and Catelynn's lives as a married couple and young parents who hope to help others reconnect with their estranged loved ones.

Will Tyler and Catelynn's new show be a hit?

The couple announced the news via Twitter with many fans believing that the new show could not be coming at a better time for the couple.

There has been so much negativity going down on the set of MTV's "Teen Mom" series that a change of atmosphere could be just what the doctor ordered for the young couple.

Social media and 'Teen Mom' not a great mix!

Catelynn made news headlines last week after social media users began complaining about a video she shared of her two-year-old daughter Novalee showering. Users began bashing the young mom, claiming bad parenting and that she could be placing her child in danger by sharing such videos and photos online.

In August, Catelynn shared that she used weed frequently to help with her depression and anxiety, once again she was bashed by social media users who labeled her a bad mom claiming she was not doing right by her daughter. This new show of their own could very well give Tyler and Catelynn the chance to show viewers that they are more than what they have shown on "Teen Mom," by giving them the chance to help others.

However, this new series may not go over too well with other "Teen Mom" cast members who feel that they too may deserve a series of their own. Reports have revealed that during the "Teen Mom OG" taping things went down between Farrah and Amber.A verbal argument quickly became physical between the two after a remark was made by Farrah's boyfriend Simon about Amber's fiance Matt looking like a pedophile.

Amber and Farrah were soon going at it, turning the event more into an episode of Jerry Springer than an MTV series reunion.

These are the things that makereality television entertainment these days, keeping the viewers tuning in, not so great as examples for their children, but interesting TV to say the least. A couple of questions, do you believe the fight was staged, and will you tune in for Tyler and Catelynn's show on December 5th, at 10 p.m. on MTV?

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