"Teen Mom" Amber Portwood and ex-Gary Shirley could soon be battling once again over issues concerning their daughter Leah. A major problem appears to be blooming between the two that reveals Gary has some major concerns about Leah spending time at Amber's house since she has allowed fiance Matt Baier's son Chris to move in with them.

Amber Portwood's visitation with Leah could be at risk!

Due to Chris Baier's severe drug history, Gary believes that Leah could be placed in some form of danger at Amber Portwood's home. Things are not getting any easier with this situation, especially since Chris' baby mama has offered up her two cents on the matter stating that Gary Shirley has every reason to be very concerned about this.

Amber is set to marry Matt Baier and in an upcoming sneak peek on "Teen Mom OG" Amber is sitting down with her future husband and stepson for a serious discussion concerning his drug abuse issues. Chris can be seen telling Amber and Matt that he has no plans on ever abusing drugs again.

'Teen Mom OG' drama continues to heat up

Matt then says to Amber and Chris that he believes that it would be a good idea if Chris moved in with them so they can offer Chris support and help make sure that Chris gets his life all straightened out. At first, Gary believed that Amber and Matt were doing a good thing helping Chris through his troubles. That is until Gary began thinking long and hard on the matter and the "what ifs" began running through his mind.

Gary began questioning whether or not drugs would be present in Amber's home, and what if they were and something went down when it was Amber's weekend with Leah? These scary thoughts were weighing heavy on Gary's mind and then Chris' ex MaDonna began sharing her two cents on the subject. She claims after all that Chris put her through leaving her pregnant and alone in her time of need that she would strongly advise against Gary allowing Leah anywhere near Chris.

She also stated that she and her kids have no need in their lives for a drug addict to be anywhere near them, ever. She also claims that she really hopes that Gary will make the right decision on this matter where it concerns Leah. MaDonna did not stop there, she also added one final dig at Chris claiming that she believes he will end up just like his father Matt, and have nothing to do with his kids, and that suits her just fine!

Chris Baier, on the other hand, claims differently. He admits that he did leave MaDonna because the relationship was just not working out, but when it comes to his kids she can count on him being fully involved in their lives, like it or not. As "Teen Mom OG" fans are well aware of,Amber Portwood faced a shocking situation after finding out the man she was planning to marry had fathered nine children with seven women.

Do you think Amber is making a big mistake allowing Chris Baier to live with her and MattBaier? Will it cause major drama and heartache where her relationship with Leah is concerned?

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