'Teen Mom 2' stars Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin were at each other's throats a while back after Kailyn filed for divorce. The mudslinging hit the headlines and it looked as if there was no hope for these two "Teen Mom 2" stars ofever seeing eye to eye again. But then something changed and things look different today. Their divorce is not finale asof yet, but the disparaging remarks about one another have stopped andsuddenly they are saying nice things about each other once again.

Divorce on hold?

According to Radaronline, Javi has given some indication that a reconciliation may be in the cards for the "Teen Mom 2" couple.

He confesses that he still loves Kailyn " a lot" and the two are still in touch on almost a daily basis. He also said that she even invited him for dinner the other night, so they could have dinner with the kids like a family.

Kailyn and her cryptic messages!

Kailyn, who in the past has been known to post messages that almost seem cryptic, started tweeting things like "Deep down when I face it all I want is you." She also tweeted about how she loves and hates "you" at the same time and she finds this hard to explain! This latest round of cryptic-like messages have a bit of a moaning-like tone to them. They are in the same type of mode that you would expect from someone confessing their regrets.

These messages have fans believing she was talking about Javi, suggests IBT News.

While Javi has seen what Kailyn has recently tweeted, he doesn't believe the love-professing words penned by his wife and his "Teen Mom 2" co-star are about him. He also claims that he doesn't get involved in her love life.

With Javi deployed away in the military, Kailyn filed for divorce after 4-years of marriage. Whispers of infidelity surfaced for both and they even involved a close friend of theirs at the time, but those accusations have seemed to wane.

Dueling books calm down?

During the heated first months of the divorce filing both Kailyn and Javi penned books, with each promising to give the real scoop on their split.

Kailynwas first to do this and when Javi got to read a few of the pages of what she had written, he became furious. This prompted him to pen his own version of their split. Now, with things becoming more cordial, Javi has put his book on hold and is hoping that Kailyn made some revisions to her book before it hits the stores.

Retaliation with a pen

He admits his book was basically written in retaliation of Kailyn's book, as he wanted to get his side of the story out there. Javi said he was ready to tell the world what "she" did that ultimately ended the marriage of this "Teen Mom 2" couple. But today he claims to be in a much better place with Kailyn and with life in general. While he still says "no" when asked if the two may get back together, signs point to this still being a possibility.

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