"Teen Mom 2" star Jenelle Evans hasn't had much luck with the guys for sure. Each of her exes as well as her current guy all have criminal records. In keeping with that trend, she is standing by David Eason through his latest legal problems.

Why is there a protective order filed?

According toThe Ashley,back in March David was charged with violating a domestic violence order of protection. He has a couple of children by a couple of women and is now expecting his third child with "Teen Mom 2" star Jenelle. Well, one of his exes filed for a protective order in October of 2015 alleging he had become physically abusive to her during her pregnancy.

In March 2016 David was in a grocery store and saw his son with some family members. The protective order had ordered him to stay away from both baby and momma but that didn't stop David. He approached the child as the family members allegedly asked him not to. He gave the boy, Kaiden, a hug and according to the warrant "grabbed" him.

The Ashleyconfirmed that David isn't in jail at this time even though he was found guilty on September 13th and sentenced to 60 days in jail. David is working on appeal plans in the county's Superior Court.

Jenelle Evans weighs in

Jenelle hasn't keep quiet on the matter. She has had several tweets to keep fans updated. She says that this is old news and the judge has not treated David fairly.

Her attorney, Dustin Sullivan, is handling the case and Jenelle says the judge was rolling her eyes as he spoke in the hearing on September 13th. She feels confident that David will not do time on the violation of the order that is set to expire on the 22nd of October.Jenelle is no stranger to domestic violence charges.

She knows first hand how messy things can get with an ex. She has had her share of police run-ins and arrests over problems with a former love interest.

Reports have put Jenelle's due date as January 28th. There is no news yet of David's next court date but hopefully he won't have to miss the birth of their child.

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