Jenelle Evans famous for her appearance in “16 and Pregnant” and now starring in “Teen Mom 2” on MTV is pregnant for the third time and will deliver her third baby in the month of January.

Jenelle is six months pregnant and did a photo shoot recently where she is proudly showing her baby bump. She had gathered her family members including David Eason who is her current boyfriend and father of her third baby, her two sons Jace and Kaiser and David’s daughter Maryssa for the photo shoot.

Jenelle shows her pregnant Belly with Pumpkins around

Jenelle has shared some cute family pictures where she shows off her pregnant belly.

Jenelle chose to shoot with pumpkins as it is fall and her six months pregnant belly matches the shape of round pumpkins. In her solo shots, she is posing sitting over pumpkins and in another photograph her boyfriend David Eason poses with a pumpkin against his stomach. Oh! How very supportive of you David.

Miss Ensley! She calls her baby.

Jenelle has also shared a picture of three children Jace, Kaiser and Maryssa playing on a bale of hay. She commented on the photos that she was blessed to have a beautiful family like this and that she and whole family is eagerly waiting to see and hold the baby girl who is expected to come in the month January. She called her baby with the name ‘Miss Ensley’.

She also commented on David’s pictures and called herself lucky to have him her life. She even went adding, whose pumpkin looked bigger in the pictures. Too much excitement Jenelle! It's third time!

Famous for not so famed reasons

Jenelle had been in the news always not just for having three children with three different men or her parenting failures.

She was in the news for the month of July when she and David got involved in a car crash. A police case was filed and Jenelle who was refusing her good news since the month of May was found pregnant in the medical reports.

Well, Jenelle looks very happy and beautiful in the pictures, but fans still wonder how long the happiness continues before the police visit her place for another parenting failure arising out of her disputes with David.

(Jenelle! We all know you baby!)

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