"Teen Mom 2" star Jenelle Evans has been in a long, drawn out battle for custody of her oldest son Jace with her mother Barbara. According to court records it was 2010 when Jenelle signed away custody to Barbara due to her unstable lifestyle. She was continually involved in a legal issue in one form or another - domestic violence arrests and drug arrests just to get the list started. Of course it was in Jace's best interest to live in a more settled environment and Jenelle's mom took custody of him.

Why so long for a court date?

The two parties had a court date set for July 5th but it had to be moved. Unfortunately when new date of October 11th rolled around Hurricane Matthew cancelled it. According to the Clerk of the Court in New Brunswick, North Carolina, the judge is meeting with the attorneys from both sides this Friday. No ruling will be made but a future court date will be set.

Jenelle has accused her mother of keeping her son from her when they are arguing. She is supposed to have visitation on weekends but that doesn't seem to always happen for one reason or another.

Fans notice when Jace is absent .

Jenelle is very active on social media and posts pictures of Jace when he visits with her. According to Radar Online, fans noticed when a couple of weeks went by and there were no pictures of Jace. Some pondered in posts if the "Teen Mom" star only wanted Jace when the MTV cameras were around. In an interview with Radar Online, Jenelle said that it was no one's business when she had her son and she didn't have to report it when she did spend time with him.

Well, the answer to that is simple. When you put your life in front of a camera, you can expect the public to want to know. That's why she makes the big bucks.

Jenelle maintains primary custody of her second child, Kaiser, who is 2 years old. His father is Nathan Griffith and the courts settled the custody dispute in May. The "Teen Mom" starwill also soon give birth to a daughter with current boyfriend David Eason.

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