Kailyn Lowry is infamous for her sub-tweets and vague messages online, but is she taking her comments too far? According to a new report, the "Teen Mom 2" star continues to fight with her soon-to-be-ex-husband, Javi Marroquin on Twitter and many fans and followers of the reality star are getting sick of her airing her dirty laundry so publicly.

In one of her latest postings, Lowry wrote, "If you say you're gonna do something, do it.Just f**king do it." She then added,"When people you once trusted use manipulationand guilt to control a situation."

Kailyn Lowry's husband fires back at her sub-tweets

As The Hollywood Gossip pointed out shortly after Kailyn Lowry's messages were shared, she appeared to be writing the comments in an effort to slam Marroquin without having to say his name.

However, Marroquin quickly caught on and appeared to respond to her message by saying, "Don't make me expose you for who you really are."Marroquin then took things one step further when he posted a message directly to Lowry, which encouraged her to tag him in her next message if she wants to "go there."

Marroquin went on to tell Kailyn Lowry that if she uses all her ammunition to "go for the kill," she won't have any bullets left for her next relationship. A few hours later, Lowry said someone would only get what they choose to tolerate.

The following day, she suggested she wasn't good enough for Marroquin because he wasn't ready to be in a marriage.While Lowry never chose to tag Marroquin in her tweets, she did suggest the next morning that she had experienced an emotional breakdown the day prior.

Will Kailyn and Javi ever grow up?

Looking back at their online comments, The Hollywood Gossip told readers that it appeared that Kailyn Lowry wanted people to think badly of Marroquin by hinting that he wasbeing manipulative and unreliable.

However, with children involved in their fallout, Lowry should instead focus on being adults -- at least for the sake of Marroquin's son, Lincoln, and step-son, Isaac.

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