Is "Teen Mom 2" star Adam Lind single again? Rumors are flying that Aubree and Paislee's dad may have called off his engagement to girlfriend, Stasia Lynn Huber, just days after his ex-girlfriend, Chelsea Houska, married Cole DeBoer. Radar Online reports that multiple sources are revealing that Adam and Stasia have split after dating for over a year.

Are Adam and Stasia still engaged?

The website reveals that Adam Lind changed his Facebook relationship status to "single" recently, and that he and Stasia have seemingly called it quits not long after getting engaged.

One insider claims that the "Teen Mom 2" dad can't date anyone without cheating on them. The source even added that Lind recently traveled to another town to meet up with an ex-girlfriend. However, Adam decided to set the record straight himself.

Lind says he and Huber are 'fine'

Lind claims that he and Stasia, 25, are "fine," and that he didn't cheat on her. Adam also claims that he didn't post anything on social media and thatit is no one's business about his relationship with Stasia. Adam reportedly popped the question to Stasia, who is an occupational therapy student and fitness model, in the spring after an on-again, off-again romance.

Although the couple have kept quiet on wedding plans, friends allegedly don't see the relationship going anywhere.

Friends don't think it will last

Sources also reveal that the "Teen Mom 2" star and his fiance have split up and gotten back together many times in the past. Meanwhile, Stasia has been through a lot in her relationship with Adam. Back in June, a dancer at a local strip club accused Lind of stealing her wallet, but he was never charged with the crime due to lack of evidence, and earlier this year Lind's former girlfriend, Jessica Nicole, posted a very risque photo of the pair together in bed before quickly deleting the photo from social media.

It will be interesting to see if "Teen Mom 2" bad boy Adam Lind will actually tie the knot with Stasia Huber, or if she'll just end up another woman in the long line of his ex-girlfriends.

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